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 UNSC Weapons and Vehicle Database

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PostSubject: UNSC Weapons and Vehicle Database   Sat Jun 19, 2010 12:13 am

United Nation Space Corps O.N.I Database


[Override] {ALPHA-BRAVO-3421T68-90Z-OMEGA}

///Security System Override Initiated

///Accessing UNSC Data Files

///Files upload

///Please Select The Files you wish to access

[Personal Profiles]

[Combat Data]

[Force Deployment]

[UNSC/ONI Operations]


[Weapons and Vehicle Data] <----


///Accessing Weapons and Vehicle Data

///Uploading Files, Standby......

///Files upload

///Now Displaying all Current Weapons and Vehicles Data

UNSC Weaponry

Combat Rifles:

-MA5C Assault Rifle:
The UNSC Standard issued Magazine-Fed Combat rifle
Firing System: Air-cooled / Gas-operated
Services length: 50 years and still in current use
Firing mods: Semi-automatic/Full Automatic
Caliber: 7.62 Armored Piercing rounds

The MA5C is the third model in the MA5 series and futures advanced Fire Computer System (FCS) and is effectively capable of engaging targets from short to long combat. The MA5C is also capable of being stripped down to the more smaller and rugged form of the MA5K carbine which wides the MA5C roles. The gun is equipped with optic interface which gives the user no need for sights or a scope. The MA5C like all series is also equipped with a built in flashlight and is capable of being outfitted with a grenade launcher, sound suppressor or even the usage of Shredder rounds. All under Mission Conditional Requisition usage. Also noted the MA5C series and MA5K series clips are interchangeable, making ammunition for both abundant on the battlefield.
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UNSC Weapons and Vehicle Database
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