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 UNSC Vehicles

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PostSubject: UNSC Vehicles   Thu Jun 17, 2010 6:35 pm

United Nations Space Corps

Ground Vehicle

(Note: Ground Vehicles are not indestructible, also no vehicle can drive forever and ever Human vehicles are still depended on bio fuel or some kind of power cell. Also remainder ground vehicles aren’t going to start sprouting wings and flying across mile long gaps and traveling an 8 mile drive in like 2 minutes.)

Light Vehicles

M21 Light Reconnaissance Vehicle “Warthog”
(Crew of 3)
Armaments: 12.7x99mm M41 Vulcan Light Anti-Aircraft Gun
-450 to 500 per minute
-Drum Feed/900 rounds
-2x Drums
-Prone to Overheat
-Use Warthog Battery to operate/own independent battery for short term use

“The Warthog is as much a part of the UNSC as boots, guns and tasteless coffee.”
Gunnery Sergeant Avery, Johnson

The M21 or Warthog has been the mobile backbone for boots on the ground since the beginning of the Interplanetary War. Even through the Covenant-Human War, the Warthog saw more combat than any other vehicle deployed by the UNSC. Used primarily as Fast Reconnaissance vehicle, the Warthog has also proven to fulfill role as light support to heavy support depending on its armament. The M21 even though heavily used on the battlefield is still a vulnerable target to both light arms fire and heavy arms fire (Warthog armor is capable of taking a frag grenade head on), the most fatal death were those of the passenger and gunner who more exposed to the threat of being shot. This left the crew of the Warthog to depend on its high rate of mobility and speed to avoid heavy confrontations. The M21 Warthog has three variations.

M21G1 Light Anti-Armor Vehicle “Gauss Warthog”
(Crew of 3)
Armaments: M68 Gauss Cannon/Similar to a MAC Gun
-Drum feed 750 25mmx130 rounds
-1 round per second
-2x Drums

“This isn’t a pop gun son.”
-First Lieutenant White, Jackson

The M21G1 is the UNSC LAAV series of the Warthog; mounted with a M68 Gauss cannon the M21G1 Warthog is the easier to a light armored and heavy armored targets. The M68 Gauss is basically a smaller version of a MAC gun, firing a hyper-sonic round which reaches speeds just under March 40 within 13.7km per second. The Gauss Warthog can wreak havoc on infantry and light armored targets, in some cases a M68 placed a clean round through a Hunters shield or even a Wraith’s hull killing the pilot instantly. Other then the added on fire power of the M68 the M21G1 share the same basic characteristics of the M21.

M831 Troop/Cargo Transport “Warthog”
“Here you go boys, your luxury liner on wheels”
-“Staff Sergeant Barkly, Eric

(Crew of 1)
(5 Passengers)

The M831 isn’t anything fancy, instated of a M41 or M68 in the back platform of the vehicle, the M831 is outfitted to carrier troops. Using a roll cage to offer somewhat of a protection in event of a roll, the M831 isn’t something you wanted to drive into fire fight. The 4 men passengers are highly vulnerable to small arms fire, and can only protect themselves with their personal weapons. In any case, the M831 is excellent for moving troops from point A to B with time to spare. Also with the ability to remove the seats in the back, the M831 is capable of hefting ammo and other cargo back and forth.

(Note: All Warthogs have a snow variation of itself; the snow version of a Warthog replaces its normal all terrain tires for heavy duty trends.)

M274 Ultra-Light All-Terrain Vehicle ULATV “Mongoose”
“If you’re looking for a tank this isn’t it, if you’re looking for a death wish go right ahead.”
-Lance Corporal Jenkins, Tyler

(Crew of 2)

The M274 ULATV or Mongoose is the UNSC fastest land vehicle it has to offer, it is also one of the most suicidal ones to use. With little to absolutely no armor the occupants consenting of the driver and passenger on the back, are at high risk of receiving minor to fatal wounds from small arms fire to heavy arms fire. The Mongoose offers no weapons of its own, and thus the driver is to rely on passenger for any means of fighting back. In some cases marines have come up with the idea of using the M19 SSR while operating the M274, using it speed to their advantage in instating hit and run attacks.

“Speed plus Rockets, equals not so suicidal.”
-Gunnery Sergeant Walton, James

Heavy Vehicles

(Note: Heavy Vehicle can take a little bit more beating then light, two plasma grenades won’t take out a tank.)

M808B Main Battle Tank “Scorpion”
(Crew of 2)
“Oh I know what the ladies like.”
-Sergeant Major Avery, Johnson

Armaments: 90mm High Velocity Cannon / M247T 7.62mm AP machine gun

Hefting a 90mm HVC and ad 7.62mm AP turret then plated with titanium-ceramic armor plating, the M808B has serviced as the UNSC main battle tank for almost 30 years. With its four independent computer-operated trends suspension system the M808B is capable of climbing about almost anything in its path. Its armor allows it to take a direct hit from a Covenant Fuel Rod Cannon and keep on kicking. Also with most of it system computer operated and using neural interface, the one men crew of the M808B limits causalities. Although the M808B is light compared to the 105mm cannon it could be equipped with, it still pacts a heavy hit with tit 90mm cannon making it a great anti-armor and infantry platform.

M808G “Grizzly”
(Crew of 1)
“Bigger bang for your buck.”
-Sergeant Forge, John

Armaments: 1x 120mm High Velocity Cannon 1x M247T MMG Coax

The M808G Grizzly is essentially a heavy modified version of the M808B Scorpion tank. Created by Sergeant Forge before him and the Spirit of Fire went missing. The Grizzly carries a 120mm HVC which is much large and pacts a heavier punch then the 90mm HVC the Scorpion uses. The Grizzly also futures heavy reinforced armored platting, and two smaller trends located between the forwards trends. The overall body is much more different, with the front trends being moved out more and spread further apart while the rear trends are closer together. This gives the Grizzly a monstrous look up front and a sleek look from the back and sides. The Grizzly has been noted to withstand a few good hits from a Scarab’s main gun and practically unfazed by light arms fire. Another trick up the Grizzly is its ability to load anti-infantry canister that spread out before impact like a massive shotgun slug. This “Buckshot” rips covenant infantry into Swiss chesses.

SP42 Anti-Vehicle/Fortification System “Cobra”
(Crew of 2)
“It’s like having a MAC gun on site, it accurate and deadly.”
-Captain Wilson, Tom

Armaments: 2x 16 MJ Rail Gun 1x 8 MJ Rail Gun

The Cobra fulfills two roles; first as a fast moving anti-armored vehicle and second as a stationary self-propelled artillery. Its pair of 16 MJ Rail Gun fire intermittently in order to charge each barrel to the need output, these rail guns have enough kinetic force to sheer through most armor plating. In addition to its dual rail guns, the Cobra pacts a single 8 MJ Rail Gun that fires a conventional explosive round at high velocities. During use of the 8 MJ Rail Gun, the crew must “Lock Down” the vehicle in position and deploy the massive gun. The Cobra sacrifices speed for fire power, but its ability to punch through covenant shields and armor makes it all worthwhile.

Support Vehicles

M312 Elephant HRV
Behemoth-class Troop Transport
(Crew of 3)
“She big, ugly, and slow, but we keep her around.”
-Staff Sergeant Smith, Francis

Armaments: 1x M41 Vulcan Cannon 2x AIE-486H Heavy Machine Guns

The Elephant services main roles for the UNSC ground forces; Mobile Command, Search & Recovery, Recon and Patrol, Troop Deployment, and Mobile-Mini base. She pacts enough fire power to hold off a small raiding party and enough armor to take two or three covenant Wraith blast. Also with a hold large enough to hold 6 mongoose and two Warthogs or a squad or marines or Spartans, she well equipped to carry out any need task that is seemed fit for her.

MAAT-9 “Wolverine”
(Crew of 2)
“Beats having to use a fly swatter.”
-Private First Class Springfield, Richard

Armaments: 2x Argent V Missile Pods 1x XM511 Grenade launcher

The MAAT-9 Wolverine is the UNSC armored anti-aircraft vehicle, deployed with two Argent V Missile pods and using a laser targeting system the Wolverine can fire up to eight missiles in one solo if needed. After firing the all eight missile, the pods are easily reloaded using an on-board system. Even though the Argent V Missile system mounted on the Wolverine is meant sole for anti-air, it can easily be readjusted for ground targets however its accuracy is limited due to the effect terrain may pose on the laser targeting. The Wolverine those have a grenade launcher system for self-defense purposes, but it weak armor leaves it vulnerable to anti-armored attacks, which requires the wolverine to have escorts or to be deployed in secured areas.

Experimental Vehicles

M-145D “Rhino”
(Crew of 2)
“It’ll work, I hope.”
-Tech Engineer

The M-145D is a highly experimental unit, base off the M808B chassis. Deploying a prototype plasma gun used for long range artillery and bypassing Covenant shielding technology that conventional weapons can’t penetrate unless using massive amount of bombardment. The Rhino is slightly different then a regular M808B, instated of four sets of trends in a normal formation. There are six in a more bogey pattern setup which helps stabilized the unit for long range bombardments. The Rhino is still a highly experimental unit suffering from server overheating and requirements in power needed to launch a plasma round far enough and strong enough. However even still the Rhino has seen some combat on the field during sages on Covenant positions and bases that have deployed heavy shielding technology.

Air Vehicles

D77-TCI ‘Pelican’ Dropship
(Crew of 3)
(Passengers 10 to 15)
(Attached Troop Deployment Pod 15 to 20 Passengers)
Armament: 1x70mm cannon, 2xANVIL-II ASM missile pods (optional)
The D77-TC Pelican is a reliable workhorse, ferrying soldiers and their vehicles and equipment all over the battlefield. A total of fifteen marines can be comfortably carried in the rear troop bay, and either a Scorpion MBT or a Warthog LRV can be carried in magnetic clamps suspended below the tail of the Dropship.
A single 70mm chain gun provides defensive and offensive firepower, and a pair of ANVIL-II Air-to-Surface Missile Pods carrying 8 missiles each can be attached to
support soldiers on the ground.

Albatross Heavy Dropship
(Crew of 2)
(Passenger 20 to 40)
Armament: N/A
The Albatross is a primary Heavy Dropship, transporting cargo and personal. It has no means of combating with enemy forces, thus having to be escort by Pelicans, Hawks, Hornets or even Vultures. The Albatross has sometimes been deployed as mobile command post.

AV-49D ‘Sparrowhawk’ VTOL Gunship
(Crew of 1)
Armament: 2x40mm cannons, 1x20mm nose cannon, 2xASR-54 INCISOR rocket pods
The Sparrow hawk fulfills the primary role of close air support for marines the grounds. Their light armament can prove to be deadly to armored targets and infantry. As a two setter, the pilot can forces on the action below while the gunner lights up the enemy.
Their 2x40mm cannons mounted under the wings provide a barrage of M305 X-HEAP rounds tearing armored targets. With their 1x20mm cannon and 2xASR-54 INCISOR rocket pods, the Sparrow hawk is ready to clear a path.

AV-14 ‘Hornet’ Attack VTOL
(Crew of 1)
(Passengers 2)
Armament: Class-2 Guided Munitions launch System, 2x3barreled AIE-486H Heavy Machine Guns.
The Hornet is the primary close-range support gunship for the UNSC, servicing for 28 among the UNSC arsenal, the Hornet has proven to take on many roles due to its design and capabilities to provide efficient fire support. However due to its size, the Hornet was built with very light armor making it a prim target for light arms fire. Taking this into consideration, the Hornet has been primarily deployed as light escort for air and ground forces, and even deployed as means for Special Forces to infiltrate enemy territory.

C709 ‘Longsword’ Class Interceptor
(Crew of 2)
Armament: 2x110mm Rotary Cannons, 4x120mm Vertical Guns, 4xASGM-10 Missiles, 1xShiva-class Nuclear Missile (Optional/And by the order of UNSC Master can this only be deployed and fired), 36xMoray Space Mines (Also Optional)
The Longsword is the primary space fighter for the UNSC, intercepting enemy fighters, bombers, and boarding ships. The Longsword however combat capabilities and multi-role possibilities, have allowed it to take roles in bombing roles, and long range scouting.

AC-220 Gunship ‘Vulture’
(Crew of 2)
Armament: Air-to-Ground A-74 Sylver Vertical Missile Launcher, 4xGUA-23/AW/Linkless Feed Autocannons, Anti-air Argent V Missiles
The Vulture is the heavy hitter of the UNSC close-air support, packing enough firepower to level a small outpost in matter of seconds. With heavy armor the Vulture is a key player in the UNSC force for protecting ground, although slower then its air counterparts the Vulture is a God Sent when boots on the ground need heavy Steel Rain on the enemy forces.

(Crew of 6)
Armament: N/A
(Base Deployment)
The Pod was mainly designed to help establish human colonies before the war, however the UNSC was force to re-purpose it to help the war effort against the covenant. PODS are only launched from Phoenix class Capital Ships.

F-99 Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle/UCAV
‘Drone Fighter’ or ‘Wombat’

Optional Armament: 1x20mm cannon or 1xEnergy Directed Weaponry, 2xAir-to-Air or Air-to-ground missiles
The F-99 is carrier-based UCAV deployed and used by UNSC Air Force; it provides reconnaissance and combat support. The Wombat is a highly advanced UCAV with an AI system capably or limited learning in order to increases survival odds and to operate independently or in squadrons.

UH-144 Tilt-rotor ‘Falcon’
(Crew of 3)
Armament: 1xPilot-controlled Chain gun, 2xmounted door guns
(Think of a Futuristic Osprey)
The UH-144 Falcon is a versatile, transverse-rotor multipurpose utility helicopter. Two Falcons can transport a fully equipped infantry squad faster than any previous system, and provide overwhelming support fire, in most weather conditions.
Nicknamed “Warthog of the Skies”
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UNSC Vehicles
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