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 Shinra Trenton Cross

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PostSubject: Shinra Trenton Cross   Wed Jun 16, 2010 8:40 pm

Full Name: Cross Trenton Shinra

Date of Birth: 01/28/2102

Age: 17

Sex: M

Ethnic: Japanese/Gracemaria

Religion: Mix belief in both Buddhism and Christianity

Past/Current/Future Occupation: Current: Part-time working at family tea shop Future: HWT Pilot

Level of Education: High School/Academy
-Current enrollment: Cross Academy

Married: Y/N (Bold one)

General Background Information: Shinra family is among the survives of the Third World War, after fleeing from their former home during the war, they sought refugee in what use to be Gracemaria. In the coming years, his father became a important figure in helping rebuild the former Gracemaria. His father is now the Headmaster of the Cross Academy a highly renowned school across Raysha City. His mother owns a popular tea shop near the Academy and him and his younger sister help out. Shinra himself is a kind person, but has had hard times making friends after the war. He is well-known through the school not because of his achievements but because of his Father's. Shinra is working towards enlisting into the Raysha Military after graduating from Cross Academy.
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Shinra Trenton Cross
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