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 Citizenship Registration

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PostSubject: Citizenship Registration   Wed Jun 16, 2010 8:01 pm

Welcome to Raysha City

*You step in the automated terminal*
*Terminal comes to life and presents an AI*

"Hello and welcome to Raysha City, I am Sarah the Cities official Artificial Intelligences construct. I well gladly help guide you in becoming a full fledged citizen of Mega-City 001 Raysha City."

*A Digital image of a hand appears*

"Please place your right hand on the pad, while looking straight ahead."

*Both your hand and eye print are scanned along with your face and body appearance.*

"Thank you, your profile has been generated and uploaded to the local Raysha archives for future references. Now please follow the instructions below and hit Done when completed."

*A Digital image of a Data Sheet appears.*


Full Name: Last/Middle/First

Date of Birth: MM/DD/YYYY

Age: 00

Sex: M/F



Past/Current/Future Occupation:

Level of Education: (If you are currently enrolled in any form of education please provide in the line below)
-Current enrollment:

Married: Y/N (Bold one)

General Background Information: (This is for general background check archives viewed by Raysha local and Federal Staff, please be as accurate as possible [IF you plan to go in-depth with you character you choose to leave out parts of your history for roleplay purposes] )


-upon completion please press Done, your information along with appearance profile well be stored in a personal archive for local or Federal Reference.-

*You Hit Done, and Sarah reappears.*

"Thank you for completing the Raysha Citizen Registration, your ID card and personal Validation Code have been generated and await pick up at the front desk. Your ID Card and Validation Code are you basic access and ID to many of the functions in the city please keep them with you at all times. If either are to lost or stolen, please contact central office for deactivation or replacement of either immediately, if not your account remains at risk of criminal acts and violation use, if so you may be subjected to abiding any criminal upon retrieval of either ID or VC in court. These are some of the most basic and important laws of Raysha, please adhered by them. Now please exit to the left and retrieve both your ID and VC, Thank you and I hope you have a enjoy Raysha City."

*The Holographic image of Sarah disappears, and you exit. You receive you ID and Validation Code (Your VC well be generated by a Mod of a Admin),*

-You are now a Citizen of Raysha City-

(Note: Outlaws/Criminals, still have to fill out this sheet but well be subjected to immediate detention and held in a holding cell for a minimal of 2 days. However depending if any recorders are found, a person can be held for up to 4 days before release. This is also if you get caught by a GUARDIAN or TENSHI or even a member who are acting as Raysha Law enforcement, if not consider yourself lucky. Wink )
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Citizenship Registration
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