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 Introduction to Raysha City

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PostSubject: Introduction to Raysha City   Wed Jun 16, 2010 7:54 pm

The is year 2120, and the world has entered its 20th year of the Third World War; the United Federation, the Union Kingdoms, Stovakian Republican Reform, and the United Imperial Federation. The four superpowers of the world, a collection of free nations or military and politically corrupted nations, all had been at global war since 2110 when the first none-nuclear WMDs where launched. At the very point in time, everyone can remember stopping what they were doing and watching the trails of war pass over their heads.

-Fast forward 10 years-

The world as it was before the war has been wiped from existences, government and major powers of the world have all but fallen to war. The capitals are left in ruins, and are a constant reminder of the past. In order to rebuild the four major powers construct the Mega-Cities, four highly advanced super cities capable or representing its former nation and power to the rest of the world and reestablishing its place in power.

Raysha City is one of the four Mega-Cities and the represents the new Gracemaria and the New United Federation. It remains the leader in cutting edge technology and leads the rest of the world in the corporate build.

You are among the many citizens to register into Raysha City; your former life plagued by war. Now you have the chance to start anew and create a new living for yourself, or you can return to the bottoms of the slums with the worst kind of people there is in Raysha.

-Law enforcement
-Corporate owner
-Business men/women
-Shop owner
-Average Resident
-Federal Worker (GUARDIANS have the option to become a Raysha Security Agency/For more details contact a TENSHI)

There is no end to the roles, if you can do it in real life and can be down here. Also its 2120 be a little bit creative with new jobs and roles to take on, just do get to carried away with them.
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Introduction to Raysha City
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