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 Intro to Halo

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PostSubject: Intro to Halo   Wed Jun 16, 2010 12:09 am

Welcome to the Halo universe, here we will conduct the major Halo roelplaying created by the staff and users of Fantasy RP.

Now for some basic 101 on the realm of Halo:

2160: The start of the Interplanetary Wars.

March - June 2160: The Jovian Moons Campaign begins, three months of fighting between United Nations forces and a rebel force known as the Frieden. Marked as one of the bloodiest Campaign during the Interplanetary War.

2162: The beginning of the Rain Forest War on Earth, this year long war was fought between the UN, Frieden, and Koslovics forces. Taking place in South America this conflict was marked as one of the biggest in history since World War II.

2163: The Argyre Planitia Campaign begun, series of lighting strikes or blitzkriegs against Koslovics forces at the pole of Mars. This also marks the beginnings of the United Nations Space Corps, and the first extra-terrestrial deployment of marines. It is rumored the first generation of Orbital Shock Troopers took part in many special operations during this Campaign.

2170: The Treaty of Callisto is signed and the Frieden and Koslovics forces formally surrender to the UNSC this marks the end of the Interplanetary Wars.

2494: The First Rebel insurrection in the Eridanus Systems begin. Also known as the Callisto Incident after the insurgent-controlled UNSC Corvette Callisto went toe to toe with three UNSC Destroyers. Marks the start of Insurrectionist or Innies by marines.

2496: The Eridanus insurrection is quelled at the lost of four UNSC Destroyers.

2525: The First contact with the Covenant, a lone Covenant ship begins a bombardment on Harvest.

October 7th, 2525: Fleet Command assembled Battlegroup 4 to investigate, due to the fact that the Harvest situation was deemed to have become serious. The Battlegroup was engaged by a unknown Covenant Super carrier, the Vostok and Arabia were lost with all hands, the Heracles was the only ship to survive.
-The UNSC creates the Cole Protocol: All UNSC ships where prohibited from directly traveling to any human world. Also the destruction of a ship's on board database and AI if threaten by capture by Covenant forces.

2526: The Spirit of Fire after being refitted returned to Harvest with the second UNSC fleet to begin the five-long year battle of Harvest.
-Spirit of Fire tracks down a covenant fleet to a unknown system, it is never seen or heard from again. She has been listed Lost with all hands.

2552: The Covenant track the UNSC ship Iroquois to Reach with a hidden transmitter placed on the ships outer hull.
-Covenant fleet appears marking the Fall of Reach
-The First Installations created by the Forerunners is discovered by the Pillar of Autumn after its escape from Reach.
-Battle of Installations 05
-Battle of Earth in savannas of Africa
-Battle of Installations 00 "Ark"
-Lieutenant Commander Miranda Keyes is killed in action in attempted to save Sergeant Johnson. She is given a three rank promotion to Rear Admiral.
-Sergeant Major Avery Junior Johnson was killed in action by Guilty Spark 343 when he attempted to activate the still under construction Installation 04. He is given a three rank promotion to First Lieutenant.

2553: The End of the Covenant and Human War.
-Master Chief Petty Officer Wilson, John - Spartan 117 is listed Killed In Action after the battle of Installation 00 "Ark". He is given a three rank promotion to Force Master Chief Petty Officer.
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Intro to Halo
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