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 Welcome to Fantasy Roleplay

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Zen Cross

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PostSubject: Welcome to Fantasy Roleplay   Tue Jun 15, 2010 2:30 pm

Welcome to Fantasy Roleplay

Here at Fantasy RP our goal as a community is to provide endless none-stop roleplay for those who love to take part in another world. Even if your new to role-playing here at Fantasy RP you can quickly learn by taking part in RPs create by the staff or even those created by other users. Fantasy RP offers some of the best intense and in-depth Roleplaying from worlds like Halo; jumping into the shoes of a Spartan or even a lone marine. Worlds like Final Fantasy, Mass Effect, and even animes like Angel Beats!, Gundam, Full Metal Alchemist, and even more can all appear here.

Now Fantasy RP does have its downtime away from roleplaying, we offer everyday chats, and what new talks; share or find out about music, games, what's going on around the world and what people are up to. You find all this here at Fantasy RP.

This a community of friends and we aim for fun. If your a person who loves to have fun and hang out with friends, join us here at Fantasy Roleplay.

"I’ve seen the Flames of War and works the of devils, but only the wings of my Angel protects me."

-Shinra Cross (Josh)
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Welcome to Fantasy Roleplay
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